Why CharterCFO

Why partner with Charter CFO?

We care about quality education as much as you do.

Avolon Accounting was founded by Candy Yu with two offices – one in San Francisco, CA and one in Atlanta, GA.

With over 20 years of solid accounting experience, Candy saw the operational and financial needs of those founding and operating charter schools. Candy and her team recognized the needs of charter schools were unique, requiring a level of experience, expertise and understanding that usually wasn’t part of the founders’ skill sets.

The Charter CFO team has successfully grown into the trusted partner that charter school boards and school leaders need. Our team is more than accounting or bookkeeping services; we are extended financial services staff. You won’t find a better track record of results to help you achieve your financial objectives, take the pressure off of you and help you achieve the most outstanding results for your school and your students.

We do not want to be simply your charter school financial service provider. We want to be your partner in providing the highest quality services for you, your school and your school’s community.

What do our CFOs do?

Imagine that your school is a bicycle…

  • The WHEELS are your FTE enrollments that build the school.
  • The PEDALS are your teachers who bring academic success.
  • The SADDLE is your management/board members.
  • The HANDLE BAR is your Director/CEO who leads and directs the school to move forward.
  • The FRAME is your CFO who connects all of the parts from daily operations to management. It is the CORE for your school’s success.
Bycycle Picture