Legislation was signed in March of 2015 to allow for the creation of Alabama charter schools. The law allows for the establishment of up to 10 start-up charter schools a year over the period of five years. There is no cap on conversion charter schools, which is the process of local school systems converting traditional schools into charter schools.

So far, five organizations have submitted letters of intent to the Alabama Public Charter School Commission. Official applications are due by August 1 and the Charter School Commission will meet before the end of August to hold interviews. The first Alabama charter schools are not expected to open until the fall of 2017.

In addition, four Alabama school districts have applied to become authorizers of charter schools – Birmingham City; Bessemer City; Athens City and Madison City. Alabama charter schools can be authorized by either the local school district or the Alabama Public Charter School Commission.

While charter schools are held accountable to the same state and federal academic standards as public schools, their flexibility in the areas of staffing, scheduling and curriculum have allowed the development of some of the top-performing schools in the country.

This is all very exciting news to Charter CFO! We believe that charter schools are the future of the American education system and we look forward to hearing great things from this new beginning in Alabama.

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