A recent study conducted by Assistant Economics Professor Carlianne Patrick at Georgia State University reveals that parents are willing to pay approximately 10 percent more for houses to increase the probability of their children attending charter schools in the area.

“Unlike most charter schools in the United States that have diffuse attendance areas, 13 metro-Atlanta charter schools have priority admission zones within their designated attendance zone”, says Patrick.

Parents wishing for the best education for their children have notoriously sought out housing near good schools if given the choice, report multiple real estate agents. And the public schools within the county will benefit from the higher property taxes as a result of the increased home values.

Tony Roberts, President of the Georgia Charter Schools Association believes it makes sense that they would value homes located in close proximity to the charter schools. He goes on to say, “it would also explain, in part, why we are seeing a growing number of small cities in Georgia both encouraging and sponsoring the birth of a new charter schools within their borders. It is good for the community and, thus, for the economy.”

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