Charter school waiting lists are growing across the country. There are estimates of over 1 million names on waiting lists in the U.S. for public charter schools. Due to remarkable results, year after year the parent demand for charter schools continues to rise. There has been continued growth in the number of charter school nationwide, but this growth has been unable to meet the high demand.

This growth is evident in a Fulton County charter school that is scheduled to open this August. Fulton Academy of Science and Technology (or FAST) will soon open this August in Roswell. FAST will focus on a STEM curriculum of science, technology, engineering and math. The school will house classes K through 6th grade with plans for expansion to include grades 7 and 8. After a lottery was held to fill classes to capacity, 140 students are left on the waiting list.

Charter school demand and enrollment is at an all-time high. The enrollment at FAST clearly shows the need for the start up of additional charter schools. At Charter CFO, we intimately understand the charter school start-up and application process. Let us help you, we are here to guide you to success. Contact us today.

charter school waiting list


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