Before heading home for 2015, Congress was able to pass an omnibus appropriations year-end spending and tax bill. What does this mean for charter schools? The bill will supply $80 million of additional funding to the National Alliance for Charter Schools Program. This will provide funds for new charter schools to open and back financing of existing charter school facilities along with additional support.

“The National Alliance is grateful that members of Congress from both sides of the aisle recognize the critical role charter schools play in strengthening public education in our country. The $80 million increase in funding for the Charter Schools Program is the highest level of funding in the history of the program, and will help serve the nearly one million student names currently on charter school wait lists nationwide who seek high-quality, innovative public schools.” Nina Rees, president and CEO for the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

Charter Schools are not a just a trend. Year after year, to a greater extent parents are choosing to enroll their children in public charter schools. There are estimates of over 1 million children on a charter school waiting list through out the country. The additional funding passed by Congress is needed and greatly appreciated.

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“Charter Schools Program Receives Significant Funding Increase.” National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

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