Charter School Director in the News!

Who: Alisha Morgan, executive charter school director of Ivy Preparatory Academies, which serves more than 1,300 students in three metro Atlanta public charter schools.

What: Morgan will be joining the Washington gathering of leaders that will highlight high-performing charter schools led by leaders of color. The briefing will discuss school options for black and Latino families looking to create culturally relevant, community-centric and high-performing schools that serve students who have persistently struggled academically.

When: Monday, April 11, 2016

Where: The event is titled “Charting a New Path Forward: The Rise of Black and Latino-Led Charter Schools” and it will be held on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

Why: Morgan was recommended to the briefing by the state’s charter support organization. Charter schools offer school leaders the flexibility to design a school that meets the needs of often under-served communities. This briefing will explore why black and Latino parents are clamoring for more schools to engage with the communities as partners for change, and how school leaders have responded to community demand by creating more high-performing educational options.

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