Charter School Resources
Charter School Resources

So you’d like to start a charter school? According to the State Charter Schools Commission, there are 6 steps in the charter school application process for the state of Georgia and we understand, intimately, the process and what you will need to be successful.

Step #1 – Schools wishing to apply for charter school status must submit an extensive application to the State Charter Schools Commission to be evaluated for legal compliance.

Step #2 – If the schools pass step #1, step #2 involves being evaluated by the commission’s staff and third-party experts for the charter petition’s substantive merit. During step #2, the schools’ educational programming, operational plan and fiscal viability are analyzed to see if public educational opportunities are enhanced.

Steps #3 – In step #3, interviews are conducted with the schools that show no substantive deficiencies in the charter petition.

Step #4 – Once the interview process is complete, a panel will evaluate and decide whether to recommend the schools for commission approval.

Step #5 – The final approval is made by a majority vote of the commissioners of the State Charter Schools Commission in a public meeting typically held the last week of August.

Step #6 – At this point the State Board of Education does have 60 days to overturn the final decision. However, if the approval passes the 60-day mark, the schools are authorized to open for the following school year.

Whether you are exploring the opportunities of a Charter School, in the start-up or renewal petition process, or just looking to improve the quality and performance of your school, the experts at Charter CFO are here to guide you to success. Contact us today.

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