Charter Schools aren’t just a trend; they are the future of the American education system. In the state of Georgia, data from the Georgia Department of Education shows that Charter School growth in Georgia has more than doubled in the last three years. It’s no secret that parents seek the best education and learning environment to help their children thrive and succeed. The Charter CFO team helps make that reality happen. Here are 4 services you will experience with a Charter CFO partnership:

1. FINANCIAL SERVICES – Our cost-effective financial management services will allow your Charter School to achieve outstanding results for your school and your students. Think of us as an extension to your financial services staff working together to help you achieve your financial objectives.

2. AUDIT AND COMPLIANCE – Charter CFO will provide accurate, transparent and actionable reporting to you and your board. We understand how important audit and compliance issues are to your fundraising and performance reports.

3. CONSULTING & TRAINING – When you partner with Charter CFO, you can feel rest assured we have your back. Our goal is the same as yours, to improve the public education experience for our children. We will consult, educate and train you to ensure your board and parents understand the fiscal health of the school.

4. START-UP & RENEWAL PETITIONS – Charter CFO understands success hinges on the quality of your petition. To help you improve your chance of success, we apply our tried and true experiences to your circumstances.

Whether you are exploring the opportunities of a Charter School, in the start-up or renewal petition process, or just looking to improve the quality and performance of your school, the experts at Charter CFO are here to guide you to success. Contact us today.


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